No-inventory, hassle-free merch for
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The Process

  • Contact Swaggy Shop
  • We create an online merch store just for your event (for free)
  • When your participant registers for your event, we email them a credit to the store where they can buy your merch
  • They go to your online merch store see all the many, many merch items, choose what they want, and use their credit
  • Merch ships directly to the participant. No race day t-shirt pickup necessary!
  • We make your merch experience great and hassle-free - You get back to your full-time job

Integrates with

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Use RunSignup for event registration?

The process is even smoother!

Moments after your participant registers in RunSignup, Swaggy Shop automatically emails them a merch credit to your event merch store. Easy-peasy and hands-off for you, the race organizer.

Online Merch Store

Although it has become customary to give away merch like shirts for participation, not everyone wants a t-shirt. Some people have way too many as it is, so they skip picking it up altogether. Many organizers are left with a ton of stock at the end of the event - or worse, not enough. Even if you are proactive and order in bulk for a discount, there is still the stress that you either won’t have enough or you will have paid too much. When you set up an online merch store for your event, you let people decide what they do and don’t want, and you can always ensure that you have what you need.

Personal Preferences Breed Positivity

When you use our online merch store, you give people what they want most - a choice! If they want a water bottle, a water bottle they shall have. If they find a hoodie more useful, more power to them. If you allow people to choose, it gives them a positive and lasting warm fuzzy. What’s more, if they pick what they want, they are more likely to use it, wear it, and keep it.

Freeing Up Race Day

As anyone who has ever shown up for a 5K or racing event knows, it is always at the break of dawn. That means, as an organizer, you need to be there before the break breaks. To top it off, there is always a mad rush to get a number, find your registration, register late (when possible) and get to the starting line. Adding the need to sort through merch for a size, color, or pre-ordered item backs things up and creates headaches for everyone. When you allow them to purchase their merch online, you eliminate race-day hassles and allow the event participants the time to focus on the finish line instead of the right size.

Pass and Collect the Buck Simultaneously

When you work with Swaggy Shop, we allow you to integrate your registration system via your registrants’ email assigned to a credit at our online store. Participants can go to our Swaggy Shop and find a ton of merch choices, from mugs to hoodies. With their credit, they can get a t-shirt OR they can choose a car decal - the important point is that they choose. Once they land there, they might also find that they want more than one merch item. We offer them the ability to buy endlessly and pay the full amount, minus the credit. When you purchase merch ahead of time, you can't sell more, raise more funds, or promote in a bigger way. You just hand them a t-shirt - transaction complete.

One Reasonable Fee per Registrant - Period!

As the organizer, when you work with Swaggy Shop, you pay one reasonable fee per registrant AFTER the race, not before. That reduces your financial burden and responsibility, and it allows you to focus on the race itself. Nothing is worse than putting on an event to find that you are in the red when all is said and done. Why pay for things that you don’t need when you don’t have to? You set it and forget it, period - forget the estimates that never pan out!

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