No-Inventory, hassle-free merch for
schools and clubs

As a club, school, or organization, a significant part of your brand awareness and familiarity are tied to your logo. Merch is an excellent way to promote your business without any effort. Whether it's a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie, wearing and displaying your logo gives your members a sense of belonging, which creates community. And after all, community and belonging are what we strive for!

School Spirit

Your logo isn’t just a visual sign; it is an identity. When people buy a t-shirt or hold a coffee mug, it is like they are giving you a personal reference. The more that your club or school’s logo is seen, the more buzz and excitement it creates. Merch can quickly become your best recruitment source.

We Simplify the Process

Merch is a great way to advertise without putting in any effort, unless you have to worry about things like colors, sizes, variety, and stock. When it is in your hands, merch can become a full-time job. What’s more, if you are always out of merch, that is a HUGE turnoff! If people can’t get what they want when they want it, they are more likely to forget or forego. By turning the process over to us, you get all the benefits that merch provides, without all the hassles and headaches!

We Offer More Merch for More Exposure

At Swaggy Shop, we take care of everything from stocking to accepting payment to delivery right to your members' doorstep. We also offer a variety of merch options so that you can target your group’s likes, dislikes, and personal preferences. You will be shocked at the range of items people buy and use, if given the choice. Having a coffee mug is great, but having a coffee mug, a t-shirt, a car decal, and a hoodie is priceless! When you turn your merch over to us, we set up a virtual merch store for your merch only and become your customer service team, too. That frees up employees and volunteers to focus on more pressing things. It also ensures that you get the maximum number and types of merch out there with no extra effort.

You Set the Price - Make Money or Don’t - Most Importantly, You Don’t Lose

Sometimes t-shirt sales go to fund outings, and sometimes they are just for favorability purposes. The key point is that you get to set the price and how much overhead you collect. Whether you are raising funds, raising awareness, or just raising eyebrows, you choose what you want to charge your group members. Either way, you don’t pay anything to make the online store with your merch available to your members. Not only does that take the hassles out of ordering and collecting sizes, it means that members can replace items or add more items while you sit back and reap the benefit.

Way more than just t-shirts...

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